2018 College Football Hall of Fame Ballot Announced

So, the 2018 College Football Hall of Fame ballot was announced on Thursday. Some of the exciting names on the ballot include Eric Dickerson, Tony Gonzalez, Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, Warren Sapp, Patrick Willis and of course, Charles Woodson.

Woodson is a shoe in.

Now, while reviewing the list, I noted that two of my favorite players have made the ballot. The fact that they aren’t already off the College Football Hall of Fame ballot is a travesty. Let’s start with Kerry Collins. Kerry was a Penn State guy and I don’t even hate him for it. He was basically the first franchise quarterback of the Carolina Panther. I got his jersey for my birthday in 6th grade, the black one with silver and Carolina blue stripes. That jersey is still fire until this day.

Next, let’s talk about how The Rocket Ismail hasn’t been voted in yet. This has to be anti-#NotreDameGuy bias. There’s no other plausible excuse. The Rocket is also a NEPA guy, so he’s got that going for him too. When I was little, we’re talking REALLY little, I’m told that I saw him run track. I don’t remember, but I do know that he’s an all-time Notre Dame legend and deserves to be in the College Football Hall of Fame.

So, who ever votes on these things, pull your head out of your ass. We need Kerry Collins and The Rocket Ismail in the Hall of Fame, ASAP.

2018 College Football Hall of Fame Ballot

  • Morten Andersen, Michigan State-Placekicker
  • Mark Bavaro, Notre Dame-Tight End
  • Michael Bishop, Kansas State-Quarterback
  • Lomas Brown, Florida-Offensive Tackle
  • Terrell Buckley, Florida State-Defensive Back
  • Larry Burton, Purdue-Split End
  • Keith Byars, Ohio State-Running Back
  • Gregg Carr, Auburn-Linebacker
  • Mark Carrier, Southern California-Defensive Back
  • Matt Cavanaugh, Pittsburgh-Quarterback
  • Trevor Cobb, Rice-Running Back
  • Marco Coleman, Georgia Tech-Linebacker
  • Kerry Collins, Penn State-Quarterback
  • Tim Couch, Kentucky-Quarterback
  • Eric Crouch, Nebraska-Quarterback
  • Kenneth Davis, Texas Christian-Running Back
  • Rich Diana, Yale-Running Back
  • Eric Dickerson, Southern Methodist-Running Back
  • John Didion, Oregon State-Center
  • Rickey Dixon, Oklahoma-Defensive Back
  • Jumbo Elliott, Michigan-Offensive Tackle
  • Kevin Faulk, Louisiana State-Running Back
  • David Fulcher, Arizona State-Defensive Back
  • Robert Gallery, Iowa-Offensive Tackle
  • Moe Gardner, Illinois-Defensive Tackle
  • Tony Gonzalez, California-Tight End
  • Martín Gramática, Kansas State-Placekicker
  • Jacob Green, Texas A&M-Defensive Lineman
  • Dan Hampton, Arkansas-Defensive Tackle
  • Jason Hanson, Washington State-Placekicker
  • Byron Hanspard, Texas Tech-Running Back
  • Marcus Harris, Wyoming-Wide Receiver
  • Craig Heyward, Pittsburgh-Running Back
  • Torry Holt, North Carolina State-Wide Receiver
  • Dana Howard, Illinois-Linebacker
  • Raghib Ismail, Notre Dame-Wide Receiver
  • Ernie Jennings, Air Force-Wide Receiver
  • Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech-Wide Receiver
  • E.J. Junior, Alabama-Defensive End
  • Rick Leach, Michigan-Quarterback
  • Jess Lewis, Oregon State-Defensive Tackle
  • Ray Lewis, Miami (Fla.)-Linebacker
  • Ed McCaffrey, Stanford-Wide Receiver
  • Buddy McClinton, Auburn-Defensive Back
  • Cade McNown, UCLA-Quarterback
  • Shawn Moore, Virginia-Quarterback
  • Ken Norton Jr., UCLA-Linebacker
  • Phil Olsen, Utah State-Defensive End
  • Leslie O’Neal, Oklahoma State-Defensive Tackle
  • Jim Otis, Ohio State-Fullback
  • Paul Palmer, Temple-Running Back
  • Jake Plummer, Arizona State-Quarterback
  • Anthony Poindexter, Virginia-Defensive Back
  • Troy Polamalu, Southern California-Defensive Back
  • Cliff Powell, Arkansas-Linebacker
  • Antwaan Randle El, Indiana-Quarterback
  • Ed Reed, Miami (Fla.)-Defensive Back
  • Simeon Rice, Illinois-Linebacker
  • Ron Rivera, California-Linebacker
  • Warren Sapp, Miami (Fla.)-Defensive Tackle
  • Bob Stein, Minnesota-Defensive End
  • Matt Stinchcomb, Georgia-Offensive Tackle
  • Taylor Stubblefield, Purdue-Wide Receiver
  • Aaron Taylor, Nebraska-Center/OG
  • Aaron Taylor, Notre Dame-Offensive Tackle
  • Troy Vincent, Wisconsin-Defensive Back
  • Chris Ward, Ohio State-Offensive Tackle
  • Michael Westbrook, Colorado-Wide Receiver
  • Lorenzo White, Michigan State-Running Back
  • Zach Wiegert, Nebraska-Offensive Tackle
  • Patrick Willis, Mississippi-Linebacker
  • Steve Wisniewski, Penn State-Offensive Guard
  • Charles Woodson, Michigan-Defensive Back
  • Al Worley, Washington-Defensive Back
  • Marc Zeno, Tulane-Wide Receiver