Four 2017 Penn State kickoff times Announced

On Wednesday, the Big Ten announced four Penn State kickoff times for the 2017 football season. Those games include Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Northwestern and Rutgers.

Listen. Don’t ever say that we don’t give you what you’re looking for. We’re aware that many of you enjoy college football and that a big chunk of you like Penn State. So, if we can help you start planning for the upcoming college football season in advance, we’re in. So, mark you calendar for the upcoming games. If you get it on the calendar first, your wife won’t be able to make you go antiquing or to a weird family reunion. Isn’t that how it works in your house? Yeah, mine either. Have fun at the antique store. Just check back here at the Point After Show for post game wrap-ups.

The Penn State kickoff times include:

  • Sept. 2: AKRON (Noon, ABC)
  • Sept. 9: PITT (3:30 p.m., TV TBA)
  • Sept. 16: GEORGIA STATE
  • Sept. 23: at Iowa
  • Sept. 30: INDIANA
  • Oct. 7: at Northwestern (Noon, TV TBA)
  • Oct. 21: MICHIGAN
  • Oct. 28: at Ohio State (3:30 p.m., Fox)
  • Nov. 4: at Michigan State
  • Nov. 11: RUTGERS (Noon, TV TBA)
  • Nov. 18: NEBRASKA
  • Nov. 25: at Maryland