Good News: X-Pac isn’t a Meth Head

A few weeks ago X-Pac or The 1-2-3 Kid, if you’re an old school fan WWE , was arrested at LAX. According to the police report, the police alleged that X-Pac (Sean Waltman) had 38 capsules of methamphetamine, three chocolate marijuana bars, and liquid marijuana cigarettes. He also had $736 in cash. Baller.

The police alleged that because of the quantity of pills and cash, that Waltman had intent to sell. It’s probably not a good look that Sean Waltman, his real name, was on a watch list for potential drug carriers to begin with. But, it turns out that X-Pac was falsely accused! So, good news, one of your childhood heroes is not a meth head.

Turns out that after the capsules were tested, they weren’t meth. Also, fun fact, none of the marijuana products exceeded legal amounts. So, the case against Waltman was dropped!

X-Pac’s got two works for ya…


TMZ Sports: “TMZ Sports has obtained official documents showing the L.A. County District Attorney tested the pills which all came back as “no controlled substance.”

As for the weed X-Pac was carrying at the time, officials say it was a legal amount in the state of California. 

“There may be a federal crime here, but there’s no state crime,” the D.A. noted. Our law enforcement sources say the case is over.”


X-Pac was telling the TRUTH … officials say the pills he was carrying at LAX tested NEGATIVE for meth — and now his drug case is essentially over. 

We broke the story, Waltman was arrested at LAX on April 29 after drug dogs found pills in his luggage that officials believed to be meth. He was booked for possession of narcotics with intent to sell. 

X-Pac (real name Sean Waltman) denied the allegations and said the pills were a non-meth medicine to treat a yeast infection. 

You think that you’re better? Well, you better get ready!