Congrats Scott Dixon on surviving the Indy 500

Congrats, Scott Dixon, on being alive. If you didn’t see the wreck in today’s Indy 500, consider yourself lucky. It was some of the most gut wrenching television I’ve seen in awhile. Dixon’s car was launched into the cement barrier on the inside of the track. His head was litter a foot or two from becoming hamburger. After watching this wreck, I’m left wondering: “The cockpits that Indy drivers ride in are really small. How the hell do they fit their giant balls into them?”

We’re glad to see Scott Dixon walk away with no serious injuries. Apparently, Dixon is from New Zealand, so this as probably just a normal Sunday for him. Those Kiwis taunt death on a daily basis, because pretty much everything in New Zealand can kill you.

I don’t know much about racing, you’ll need to reach out to Taylor if you want technical details. “Pole sitter Scott Dixon has been involved in a terrifying wreck and is out of the Indianapolis 500.

Dixon’s car struck the car of Jaye Howard, who had slid into the outside wall and then careered back across the track.

Dixon’s car then catapulted toward the inside barrier, where it landed and split in half. Pieces of his car were left strewn across the track in Turn 2 as his car slid to a halt.

Dixon was already moving before his wreck car came to a stop. He got out of the car on his own power to a roar from the crowd and stepped into a waiting ambulance for a trip to the infield care center.”

Scott Dixon, how do you ever get back in a car again?

I might buy a bicycle after a wreck like that. But, this dude just calls it another day at the office.