Podcast: Paul Butler, Pittsburgh Steelers UFA Interview

The guys from The Point After Show sit down with Paul Butler, an undrafted free agent out of Division II California University of Pennsylvania. Paul will be attending the Pittsburgh Steeler’s rookie mini-camp this week. You may remember him from Cavi’s article last week.

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Here’s a brief preview of the interview, you can listen to the rest above.

Paul PAS: (begin at 3:00 mark) Tell us something the average sports fan can’t read online. Give us a little about yourself, who you are, where you came from.

Paul Butler: I was born in Dubois, PA. But, I grew up in Reynoldsville. Played a lot of sports growing up; football, basketball, baseball, track and field. Baseball is probably my second favorite sport. I played a lot of baseball. In between summers and sports and stuff, I worked at the Reynoldsville Water and Sewage Authority. I did that for about 7 years. There was another summer where I poured concrete, for about 12 hours a day, every day. I’ve done a lot of hands-on work.

Tom PAS: A blue collar guy, our favorite type of guy here. (end at 3:56 mark)

Cavi PAS: (begin at 11:33 mark) It’s pretty common knowledge that the Steelers need a blocking tight end. Do you think that helps your chances going into the mini-camp?

Paul Butler: Yeah, definitely. I think more and more, the tight end position in the NFL has evolved the tight end position into a receiving tight end position. So, I think it’s harder to find tight ends that do block in the NFL. And, you know, I can catch. So, I think that helps my value, knowing that I can do both. 

Tom PAS: Yeah, I watched a lot of your tape here and I’ll tell you one thing I’m really impressed by was definitely you’re blocking. (end at 12:14 mark)

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