Michael Oher allegedly Blind Sides Uber Driver

Carolina Panther’s offensive lineman, Michael Oher, has been booked for an alleged physical altercation with an Uber driver in Nashville. Oher originally received a citation for misdemeanor assault on April 15 and was ordered to appear for booking on May 8. The Uber driver claims that Oher pushed him to the ground and kicked him after the two argued over directions.

On May 8, Michael Oher showed up to court and took his mug shot. He is scheduled to be in court next month.


WSOCTv.com: An Uber driver claimed that on April 14 the two got into an argument during a ride to downtown Nashville. The driver said he put his hand on Oher’s face, and then Oher knocked him to the ground. 

Oher has been with the Panthers since 2015. He has been placed on concussion protocol since the end of September 2016. He missed the last 13 games of the 2016 season.

First of all, *homer alert* I’m a big Carolina Panther’s fan. But, Oher hasn’t really produced for us, due to concussions. So, I’m not that emotionally invested in him. He’s a big, strong lineman that I would like to see in the rotation. He just literally and figuratively needs to get his head right.

I’ve been on a big CTE kick since I watched “Concussion.” I know Tommy and Paul have argued that you can’t blame everything on concussions and that players also need to take responsibility for their own actions. I agree with that logic too, to an extent. But, here we have a guy who obviously has a serious issue with concussions, allegedly assaulting an Uber driver. I don’t know if this is true, but if it is Oher needs to reevaluate his situation as a professional football player. Sandra Bullock might need to give him a stern talking to.

This is a bad look for Michael Oher, who has been portrayed as a “gentle giant” of sorts. The Blind Side movie set him up for a big career, as a public figure, post his playing days.

None of us have any idea what actually happened. But, the Uber driver admitted to putting his hands on Michael Oher’s face. Aren’t all bets off at that point? If a strange Uber driver puts his hands on my face, I can’t promise that I wouldn’t push him to the ground and kick him.

That being said… how big do your balls have to be to lay hands on Michael Oher.