A Live Look At My Family Being Hustled By A Chicago Street Urchin

Check it out. My parents and my little brother are in Chicago right now. Before she left, my mother was nervous to go, because Trump threatened to send the National Guard into Chicago. I assured her she would be alright, because the Donald was talking about South Chicago and if they ended up there, it was too late for them any way.

Fast forward a few days and The Cavistons have apparently become more comfortable with their surroundings. They’ve begun interacting with the locals. So, of course, when a street “rapper” approaches them and offers to make up a song with their names in it, they’re game. “Only $2? We’re in!”

I imagine my mother saying, “what a nice, talented young man.” I imagine my father, who is behind the camera, asking the guy if he knows the words to “Welcome To My House” by Flo Rida.

Look at my mother’s face though, pure, absolute joy. There’s a 90% chance my mother thinks this guy is Usher.

That jacket, though. Fresh.

Mom, this is what a real Chicago rapper looks like. Stay woke.