The Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 2: Bananas vs. CM Punk

The Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 2 starts with a “fun” game of flag football. Surprise, Lolo Jones continues to be THE WORST. She wants to throw stiff arms and curse at people during the the game. Lolo REALLY doesn’t like when her flag gets pulled by Lindsey Jacobellis, who proceeds to tell her to chill out. Go figure, like the role model that she is (isn’t), Lolo quits the game when things don’t go her way. You can read more about how she sucks, in last week’s blog.

Please Lolo, do us all a favor and leave. We’d love it.

This weeks competition sees our competitors wrapped in plastic and forced to roll through an obstacle course of ketchup, mustard and relish.

Quote of the Challenge Champs Vs Pros Episode 2 by Johnny Bananas to CM Punk: “You know what I wouldn’t do? Go to the UFC and get my ass whipped,” and he continues “You couldn’t make it in wrestling, you got your ass handed to you in MMA and now you’re trying to make it at this.”

Bananas with the second best quote of the episode: “The guy is trying to live up to his name, CM Punk. He needs to change it to CM Bitch. Because that’s all he does.”

The Champs win the competition, no thanks to the girls. But, thankfully Bananas, CT, Wes, Jordan and Darrell dominate. I honestly thought Shawne Merriman was going to asphyxiate in a pool of mustard and ketchup. Dude got winded.

A team captain, Jordan took home $5,000 for his charity, The Lucky Fin Project.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros Episode 2 – Elimination:

The challengers are blindfolded and given fencing swords. They must strike their opponent using a partner’s voice to guide them.

CM Punk vs. Shawne Merriman

Apparently CM Punk and Shawne Merriman have beef dating back to 2007. It apparently broke out over Twitter when Merriman was hitting on the WWE Divas in Costa Rica. CM Punk starts off by immediately pulling a pointless, hardo move. He does a somersault. You know, just so we all know he can do it. Round 1 one to Shawne. Round 2 and Round 3 to CM Punk.

Eliminated: Shawne Merriman

Wes vs. Johnny Bananas

Wes tells his team that he wants to face Bananas in elimination. All of the producers audibly sigh, because… there go the ratings if he get eliminated. Round 1 to Bananas. Round 2 and 3 to Wes. For some reason, Lolo Jones is crying when Bananas gets eliminated.

Eliminated: Johnny Bananas

Best moment of the show the show: CT watching Ashley and Camilia try to pronounce the word “ingenuity” for 5 minutes. In fairness, English is both of their second language.

Major take away: Victor Cruz is the worst host ever. He shouldn’t quit his day job.