Antonio Cromartie Still Hates Condoms

First of all, congrats on the sex, Antonio Cromartie. The Cromarties are expecting baby number 14, well Antonio is, Terricka isn’t responsible for all 14 children. Do you know what makes this even more crazy? Antonio had a vasectomy, years ago!

All that Cro want’s is another baby. He’s gone tomorrow, boy. All that Cro wants is another baby.

Do you throw a baby shower for #14? I don’t know how that stuff works. But, I’d say it’s not likely. Last year, Antonio played for the Colts and recorded 14 tackles. This year, he’s still listed as an available free agent. Do you think there is a place in the NFL for him? With all of the talent that came out in the NFL Draft, I’m not certain that his services will be needed. But, with a new baby on the way and the massive amount of child support he pays out every month, it might be necessary.

Cromartie reportedly pays $336,000 a year in child support.

Cromartie’s wife also gave birth to twins last year, after reporting that Cromartie had undergone the vasectomy. How fertile is this guy? He gets snipped and kids are still no issue for him.

Now, with Antonio getting up there in age, we figured we’d remind him of his other 13 children’s names. Here’s the list, minus #14 of course…

  1. J’adore Nayvi¬†
  2. Jynx Revell Antonio 
  3. JurziBlue 
  4. Alonzo 
  5. Jagger Beau-Antonio 
  6. Jordynn Trinity 
  7. Leilani 
  8. Karis Marie Ford
  9. Tyler Jae 
  10. Antonio Jr.
  11. Deyjah 
  12. Julian 
  13. London

He clearly struggles…