Let Me Be Clear: I’m ALWAYS Team Bull

So, a matador was recently gored in the neck by a bull during his debut “match.” Well, boo-freaking-hoo. Listen, I’m not claiming that this is a hot take by any means. But, I do want to state publicly, I’m ALWAYS on team bull. Nine out of ten times, the bull loses and get stabbed to death by some Spanish dude in a fancy outfit. This dude had a sword. He willingly got into the ring with this bull. He took a chance. Hey, shooters are gonna shoot. The bull is most likely dead now too. I don’t blame him. If you’re going down any way, go down swinging, take a few of them with you.

I hope this guy is OK, I guess. But, honestly, I’m still #TeamBull all the way.

My little cousin brought a kid from Spain to Thanksgiving dinner this year. He went on and on about how beautiful of a sport bull fighting is. He talked about how much he loved it. He spoke about how much respect there was for the bull and how he admired the bull. I didn’t buy it then. I don’t buy it now.