Death, Taxes and Jimmie Johnson at Texas Motor Speedway

Death, taxes and Jimmie Johnson at Texas Motor Speedway… the only certainties in life.  I did say fire up the 48 machine in GPPs given the blistering track history and I rode Johnson (I can’t believe I just typed that), Junior and Blaney (a hedge pivot play to my Harvick lineups) to a top 30 finish out of 70,637 lineups in the $250K Chrome Horn and turned in my best week of the season so far turning 9 entries at $4 each into winnings of $310.50.  I was literally down to my last $3.67 in my DK account and was staring down the barrel of reloading from the PayPal account so it finally felt good to pop a nice chunk in a GPP as I play mostly small cash games (I roughly play between $25-$35 a week with the majority in cash games).

Texas Motor Speedway

NASCAR has a bye this week with the Easter holiday so let’s take a minute to recap the first seven races of the year.  We’ve been coming off two down weeks and the confidence started to dwindle a little bit.  Maybe I need to take the off week to consider increasing my GPP exposure…stay tuned.  

Enjoy the off week PAS-Holes!

Texas Motor Speedway