Most Instagram Models Possess Zero Talent

I am going to steal @stroudrounders platform for a minute and put out a slam piece. Last night on the podcast we had a little conversation about Instagram models and it struck a nerve. This is the one topic that really gets my opinionated juices flowing. This isn’t a shot at attractive females posting random pics of themselves in a bathing suit or in their yoga pants. This is a shot at the individuals that post picture after picture of themselves half naked trying the garner more followers for their financial benefit.  In my opinion, an Instagram model is the most overpaid profession going and here’s why.

Instagram models take pictures of their breasts and asses while drinking on beaches, on yachts, in clubs and sometimes even frying bacon in the kitchen. I don’t have exact numbers, but I’d bet a majority of these individuals had some type of cosmetic surgery. They always say that you can make a pig look attractive with either expensive makeup or the help of a friend that is efficient with Photoshop.

Instagram Models

Honestly though, what do these individuals really bring to the table? Everyone is quick to attack the McDonald’s worker or the sanitation collector, but those jobs provide a service. What do Instagram models provide? Nothing!! In my opinion they actually hurt the progress women made throughout the years. It’s obvious that they want men to see women as nothing more than sex. They don’t post pictures doing community service, helping the homeless or volunteering at any level. It’s always breasts and ass.

Instagram Models
In closing, I’m not putting 100% blame on these models, just 99%. There is obviously a market for this type of work otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article. I apologize to anyone that I may have offended in this article. PSYCH.

Listen to the conversation that started this whole thing below.