CT is Heading to the Final; Remembering Diem

Last night, CT punched his ticket to The Challenge: Invasion final. In a hellacious final, he used his brain, not just his brut force to out play Darrell. I really wasn’t sure what to except going into the final, because Darrell is The Challenge GOAT. He’s won more than anyone. Then again, CT did get kicked off quite a few seasons. So, apple to oranges. (Bitch, why can’t you compare fruit?)


This has been my least favorite seasons of The Challenge. Mostly because… who gives a shit about these “Are You The One?” people? No one. But, last night’s episode was one of favorite episode ever and all of my favorite Challenge moments involve CT. Johnny Bananas taking all the money and screwing over Sarah is up there too.

If you’re an old school fan like I am, after watching that dominating victory by CT, you can fast forward through the next 15 minutes. You won’t miss much, just Ashley screaming about wanting to go home, for no apparent reason. Straight up crazy stuff. Nichole crying about how she loves Laurel and Ashley slapping a few dudes’ hats off. Nonsense.

The finalists are then moved to a Thailand island paradise. When they enter the new house, they find a note that tells them to light candles and float them into the ocean. The idea is that you’re letting go of your past and welcoming your new future. This hits our boy CT really hard (and Camila as well). It turns out that it just so happens to be the two year anniversary of Diem’s passing. And by, “it just so happens,” I mean, the producers of the show set it up that way. But, the emotion that CT shows is as real as it gets. Making us love the big guy even more.


CT first tells everyone he doesn’t want to talk about it, as the newbies whisper and try to figure out what’s going on. He finally emerges and we’re taken down memory lane, as narrated by Camila.


We love you Diem. Never forgotten. Always in our hearts.

There really is no CT “character” without Diem. While, it’s awesome to see a big dude with an awesome Boston accent beat people up and threaten to eat their brain, that just creates a villain. When Diem came into the picture, CT was humanized. He went from the dude who yelled “I don’t care, I’ll win every fight,” to the guy who made a sick girl with cancer comfortable in her own skin. The ultimate love story. Even when they were broken up and CT tried to bang his way through the cast, he always went back to Diem.

— I do want to note though, that “I’ll win every fight,” is one of THE GREATEST QUOTES OF ALL TIME.

Now that we’ve all dried our eyes, it looks like CT has more to compete for now. He’s not only playing for his fat little baby boy and $100,000. They brought Diem into this. He HAS to win this FOR HER… and I think he will.

Anyone that gets in his way is going to end up looking like Adam.

What’ve you got to say about that $100,000, CT?