Special Weather Correspondent JT Moro Reports

Our special weather correspondent, JT Moro has been pounding the streets of Pennsylvania to make sure you’re up to date on what’s happening outside.

JT has been at it all night. He’s dedicated to the craft of reporting weather without any credentials or credibility. As always, we respect the craft.

NEPA is in for some dark, dark times. There’s no milk. There’s probably no bread. Eggs are in short supply. How is everyone going to make French Toast today?

Clearly, we only hire the best and the brightest to work for free here at The Point After Show. Here’s our man, JT substituting water for milk. Just like all football heroes do. Glad to see JT won’t be thirsty today.

McDonnell’s in Carbondale, you know, the other guys, is open for business. If you can’t get there in your car (you can’t) then just grab some heavy machinery. Totally worth it. P.S. Eddie from The Point After Show was once employee of the month at this fine establishment.

Well, that’s about it. We’re sitting on like 18 inches of snow. We’d like to thank JT, a brave Carolina Panther’s fan for venturing out and keeping us all safe with his reporting. Time for a beer break!