Pat Mazza Has Himself A Night #NotreDameGuy

Get some, big man! I absolutely LOVE Pat Mazza. I loved when this big 6’8 dude walked on to the Notre Dame football team (well, he was kind of recruited form his intramural TACKLE football team). It’s hard to explain how much I love that he also walked on to the basketball team. If nothing else, Notre Dame University and Notre Dame fans LOVE a walk on player. They made a movie about it. Scratch that, they made the greatest sports movie of all time about it.

On Thursday night, two-sport walk-on Pat Mazza, made himself the (2017) Rudy of Notre Dame Basketball. He contributed two points, had a massive block and the crowd went absolutely insane for him! Patt Mazza will forever be a part of Notre Dame history. Raise up the god damn echoes, Pat!

Pat did what millions of kids around the world dream of, he played Division 1 NCAA athletics. But, Pat took it further, he walked on. Then, Pat took it even further, he was a two-sport walk on. Above and beyond all else, Pat Mazza got to play for the greatest university in all the land, Notre Dame.

Did you see that swat? No, No, No. Not in Pat’s house. Someone better go make sure that someone sitting six rows deep doesn’t need to have that ball surgically removed form their body. “You couldn’t have scripted it any better,” Irish head coach Mike Brey said. “Two seniors having fun, you can take them out of the game to a standing ovation with a minute and a half left. You play well, and you know Pat Mazza — is he on Chad Ford’s draft board yet? No, but our crowd was great, our students were great and certainly a great way to finish the season in front of our home crowd.”

Great job, Pat Mazza. You’re the true definition of a #NotreDameGuy!

P.S. Rudy wasn’t off sides.