After the Party by The Menzingers is this week’s Friday Pump Up Jam

The Menzingers are coming in hot and landing their second appearance in my “Friday Pump Up Jams” blog series. Friendly reminder: I’m a sports guy. But, I’m THE music guy.

This song flat out rules. It’s not Beethoven. I don’t need to break it down in essay form for you. It’s the title track to the album, “After the Party,” which I would like to reiterate is the absolute best rock and roll (and/or punk) album that will be put out in 2017. If you like Minor Threat, this band is for you. If you like Bruce Springsteen, this band is for you too. If you like Chingy, this band still might be for you.

This is like, the fourth or fifth single that’s been released off of the “After the Party” album. Can you name another band that put out a video for the twelfth track on their album?

Go ahead.

I’m waiting…

You can’t.

This song is in your face and emotionally charged. Not to mention that the Scranton boys have lyrics for days.

Your silhouette in high top sneakers
And hardcore from laptop speakers
The classics to the more obscure
From Minor Threat to your old roommate’s band
Like a kaleidoscope in vibrant hues
I navigate around your tattoos

Come on. I need more. Show me that chorus. Shout out, Paul. He loves tattoos. He just wrote a blog about it.

Everybody wants to get famous
But you just want to dance in a basement
You don’t care if anyone is watching
Just as long as you stay in motion
We put miles on these old jean jackets
Got caught up in the drunk conversations
But after the party, it’s me and you
After the party, it’s me and you

Fuck yeah. If that doesn’t get you going, check your pulse, because you might be dead. 

With a new outlook on everything we see
From high upon this rooftop over South Philly
To the nights we lose our self control
From the sex, from the drugs, from the rock and roll

Shout out, South Philly. Shout out to sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Listen to The Menzingers.