The Kentucky Basketball Team AND Their Fans Were Both Big Losers this weekend

Stay classy, Kentucky.

What. A. Finish. That Kentucky loss will go down in the history books. That being said, it’s a basketball game and it’s over. How about we chill the f out, Kentucky? Not to speak ill of the dead, but I hate Kentucky. To be completely honest, I dislike most of the SEC. My general distain stems more from geographical and geopolitical reasons, than sports rivalry. If you’re from SEC country, feel free to google those words. The states that comprise the SEC, for the most part, make my skin crawl. I could live my entire life without visiting Alabama, Missouri or Arkansas. I’d add Kentucky to that list, but the Derby looks like fun.

After the game, Kentucky fans flooded the streets to riot. I mean, “people showed their displeasure.” Apparently, when white people do it, it’s a protest and kind of OK. But, when black people do it, it’s a riot. “A crowd in the State Street area protested Kentucky’s Elite Eight loss by throwing bottles and trash into the road. Police reported there were no arrests, no significant fires and just two people were taken to the hospital.”

Can you “protest” a loss? Is that even something that someone PROTESTS? Can your protest change anything? In Kentucky, apparently they think the answer to that question is yes. SURPRISE! No one was arrested and JUST two people were taken to the hospital. That seems like a glass is half full moment.

Nothing to see here folks, just a small “gathering” of “dejected” fans. No need to worry, they’re just protesting. Riot gear? Yes. Riot? No way. This is just what the police call “weekend attire” in Lexington. After Kentucky’s loss to the University of North Carolina, some dejected fans gathered in the State Street area. Lexington police were on hand to address trouble. Police reported there were no arrests, no significant fires and just two people were taken.”

That being said… You have got to love watching a bunch of Kentucky fans getting their hearts getting ripped out, in real time.

Couch fires? This is just basic southern behavior. I hope you guys enjoy sitting on the floor.

This girl is everything…