Friend of the Show Andrew Riccatelli Won Chopped Last Night!

No big deal. We know that guy. We’re all about competition and sports over here at The Point After Show. When you make cooking competitive, it technically becomes a sport. Right? Right. So, let us start by congratulating Andrew Riccatelli (friend of the show) on his big win last night. He took home the Chopped title and a cool 10k! Totally deserving. We’ll take some of those dumplings you made. Thanks in advance.

Before his appearance on Chopped, Andrew’s band, GRAIL was featured on our site a one of my “Friday Pump Up Jams.” So, it’s safe to say, we’re long time supporters of his creative endeavors. You’re welcome, Andy.

The Chopped Champ is here!


Fun story. Many, many moons ago, I was a tour with Andrew. At the time, he was in Driver Side Impact. The first night of tour was in Newport News, Virginia and the bar we played was attached to a strip club. After the show, we got invited to a party and at some weird (but really nice house). People were shooting dice in the kitchen, a mobile beer tap on wheels was circulating and come to find out that the house was owned by one of the dudes in the group Blackstreet. Yes, “No Diggity, No Doubt,” Blackstreet. How do I know this? Because the guy was really offended when I didn’t remember Blackstreet he broke out in “No Diggity” to teach me a lesson. But, I still took all his cash in dice.

That night Andrew was on the grill and made hot dogs. I knew the moment I tasted that hotdog, he would someday win Chopped. Even though the show didn’t exist yet.

This also happened that night. It appears everyone enjoyed his hotdogs.

Oh, don’t forget to check out Grail. They still rule.