Alabama’s Reuben Foster Asks “Do You Know Who I Am?”

Alabam’s Reuben Foster, thought my many to be the #1 Linebacker in the draft, has been sent home for “personal reasons” according to the NFL. Others (ESPN) are reporting that it’s because of an altercation at a local hospital.

ESPN: Former Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, a potential top-10 pick in next month’s NFL draft, was sent home from the Indianapolis scouting combine for a “heated altercation” he got into Friday with a hospital worker, according to multiple sources.

Foster was apparently in line for a required combine “pre-exam,” like everyone else, for what he felt was “an extended period.” He proceeded to get in a hospital employees face. Unfortunately he picked a hospital employee who didn’t give a shit.

Sports Illustrated’s Robert Klemko detailed the event on Twitter.

Now, Kudos to the hospital employee for standing his ground. But, he better have been a big ass dude or an MMA fighter. What kind of brass does this guy have? You’re face-to-face with a first-round, future NFL linebacker, he’s going to put hands on you and you respond “Do it.” Come on man! That’s awesome.

“Do you know who I am?” – Reuben Foster

If you’re going to play the “Do you know who I am” card, people should actually know who you are. I couldn’t pick Reuben Foster out of a lineup. Save that for your hometown, dude. If you ask, “do you know who I am” you better hope the person actually knows, at least when you tell them or you look like a complete moron. Reserve the DYKWIA’s for Leo DeCaprio, Rueben. If he asked me that and then told me his name, I’d say “the dude from American Idol? Didn’t you sing ‘I Love you 2004?'”

This whole incident could cost Reuben Foster millions of dollars and result in him dropping out of the first round. Solid move.