Top Sports News Report

Here are this week’s top sports news stories from Ed.


Tiger’s back

After dropping out of this week’s Genesis Open golf tournament, Tiger Woods cancelled a scheduled press conference under doctor’s orders because of his ongoing back concerns. The Tiger Woods Foundation, Woods’ charity organization, is one of the sponsors of this week’s event. Doctors advised Woods during this recovery period to ‘just stay horizontal.’ A smirking Woods responded, “Oh, I plan on it,” then goosed the receptionist.

The Jeter’s are expecting

Retired Yankees’ shortstop, Derek Jeter, and wife, Hannah Jeter, are expecting their first child. After revealing the pregnancy news to the world, Hannah stated in an interview that she and Derek, “want our kids’ lives to be as normal as possible.” She then hopped on a private jet and headed back to their $8million villa in the Bahamas.

Garoppolo the next Favre?

New England Patriots’ wide receiver, Julian Edelman, stated this week that Tom Brady’s backup quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, displays the poise and confidence level similar to ageless NFL icon, Brett Favre. Following in Favre’s footsteps, Garoppolo modestly acknowledged Edelman’s praise, then sent dick pictures to seven unsuspecting women.

Phelps meets Bolt

On Monday, the long-awaited meeting between Olympians, Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, occurred as both athletes were traveling to the Laureus Sports Awards in Monaco. The two shared a short conversation while dozens of fans gathered around. Before going their separate ways, they each gave the other a parting memento. Bolt autographed a running shoe and gave to Phelps, while Phelps signed for Bolt a giant glass water bong.

Vince Young returning to football?

And finally, two-time Pro Bowl NFL quarterback, Vince Young, has hired agent, Leigh Steinberg, in hopes of reviving his football career. Steinberg tweeted Wednesday that Young “has a dream of playing more football, and being a role model for America’s youth.” Young was unable to be contacted for a statement as he was busy completing court-ordered community service from a recent DWI arrest.