Someone Needs to Sign Nate Robinson NOW!

Nate Robinson just pulled off one of the greatest moments in NBA… er, NBA Developmental League history. Does the NBA need ratings? Then, the NBA needs more players, making more highlight plays, like Robinson. He just dribbled THROUGH THE LEGS of Edy Tavares. Now, Taveres is a 7’2 monster, while Robinson is listed at 5’9 (he’s likely more like 5’7-5’8). Try to box in Nate Robinson? Forget that, he’s going between your legs!

There’s teams all over the league right now making big trades and looking for play makers.

What did LeBron say? He needs a play maker? Will someone please hit Nate up?

Nate Robinson

Players gonna play. Shooters gonna shoot. Nate Robinson is gonna dribble under 7’2 dudes.