Motivation for the Carbondale Chargers District 2 Semifinal Game

The Carbondale Chargers are heading to the District 2 Semifinal Game this Friday. I saw Coach Landon Gabriel’s Facebook post and it said “… if you go to or graduated from CA, get to the game… if you enjoy watching basketball, get to the game… if you don’t have any plans for Friday night, get to the game! Oh. And wear your red and blue!”

So, go to the game. Now, on to the big reveal…

I’ve been sleeping on some A+ pump-up material for about five years. Back in 2012, my buddy Steve Soboslai of Punchline and Blue of Colors rented a cabin in the remote NEPA wilderness to record an album. He and his band mates needed food and supplies one night and they ventured into Carbondale.

Later that night, Steve improvised a song, imagining that Carbondale’s mascot was called “The Carb.” After he remembered that Carbondale was my hometown, Steve e-mailed me the song and it has been sitting in my gmail inbox ever since. Don’t worry, I have since let Steve know that Carbondale Area’s mascot is the Chargers. 

If the Carbondale Chargers don’t use the above song as their entrance or warm up music this week (and send us a video of it), it would be a travesty. Just saying, Lanny, email me for a copy.

The four main PAS guys are also Carbondale guys. Eddie and Tommy were on the basketball team. We all graduated from Carbondale Area. Except, Paul. Paul was a Scared Heart guy (I think). So, from the bottom of our hearts…

Good Luck to the Carbondale Chargers! “We played physically tough on both ends of the floor,” Carbondale Area coach Landon Gabriel said. “The difference in the game was keeping a cushion by hitting our free throws.”

The Chargers (11-12) will play top-seeded Mid Valley, which defeated Lakeland, 58-31, on Friday at a site and time to be determined.

P.S. “Go Carbs” just hit #1 on the Carbondale, PA charts. New anthem. If you would like Steve to write a song for you, check him out on Downwrite.

P.P.S. Shout out to Mid Valley for beating Lakeland. What up, Serniak?

P.P.P.S. Steve also did a little reality TV in his day.