Monday Motivation featuring The Ultimate Warrior

I’m starting a new weekly blog. It’s going to be called “Monday Motivation” and this week it’s going to feature the Ultimate Warrior. The idea behind it is simple. It’s Monday morning, we’ve all had a long weekend, now we’re all getting back to the week day grind. At least most of us are. Some of you might not have jobs. If you find yourself in that category, I suggest that you just read our blog all day and click on our sponsors. At the very least you’ll be entertained and you’ll also feel like you’re contributing to the greater good.

So, back to my point. Every Monday, I’m going to bring you a sports-related motivational or pump up speech to get your ready to kick the upcoming week’s ass. You’ll shake off the Monday blues and possibly just punch anyone in the face that asks if you have a “case of the Mondays.” It wasn’t cool in Office space and it’s just annoying in real life.

On a personal note, this weekend went off the rails for me. The Producer (me) and Paul found ourselves at a music conference and we certainaly got their consumption on. There was great music and heavy beers (with high alcohol content), which led to a harsh Sunday morning realization that we’re in our 30’s, not our 20’s anymore. So, this week, I need something extra strong. I need the double-expresso-mocha-extra-grande version of a motivational speech. I need Jimmy V in my hear and Bobby Knight in my other ear. Who could I possibly turn to for that? The Ultimate Warrior, of course.

Here’s a longer Monday Motivation featuring the Ultimate Warrior for those of you who have a bit of time:

Here’s some quick shots of motivation for those of you who just need an Ultimate Warrior quick, pick-me-up:

Thanks, Ultimate Warrior. I’m ready for today.