Grail – Severed Ties | Friday Pump Up Jams

As usual, let me remind you, I’m A sports guy. But I’m THE music guy. So, here’s your weekly dose of new music, GRAIL – “Severed Ties.” If you’ve got something competitive going on this weekend, this is your jam. It’s no easy listening and it’s not for the faint of heart. This shit is heavy. This shit is heavier than JJ Watts deadlifts. This shit is heavier than Vince Wilfork after a trip to Old Country Buffet.

Enjoy. You’re welcome.

On a serious note, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Grail live and they’re amazing. It’s great to see that they’re finding success in the music industry. I’m extremely happy for all the members of the band, who I can attest are all good guys. Root for the good guys.

In short. Grail will get you pumped up enough to run through a wall.

Check them out here.