Credit to Charles Oakley

I’d like to give credit to Charles Oakley for once again taking the heat off the awful Knicks’ franchise.

Charles Oakley knew it wasn’t going to be a typical game against the Clippers. He knew there would be a different outcome from the obvious one, where the Knicks lose to the Clips, which they did. No, this time like he did so many times as a player for Knicks he was going to go in there and do the hard work. Backbone of the team type stuff. The stuff that made him one of the most feared guys to ever put a pair of hightops on.

That’s why Oakley got into a heated altercation with MSG security. It’s being reported that he was asked to leave because he sat behind James Dolan. Oakley, who bought the tickets himself, didn’t understand why he was asked to leave, so naturally the longtime Knicks enforcer shoved everyone he could and was essentially dragged out of the arena by no less than 400 people.

Oak was then arrested and charged with 3 counts of assault. If you don’t think this wasn’t a blatant attempt to distract everyone from the disgustingly gross Knicks than you just don’t how sports are played. We have a full on Swordfish situation here where the Dolan, Oakley and the Knicks are using classic misdirection and taking your eyes on what’s really going on. The Knicks could trade Carmello Anthony to Misercordia and nobody would know it. So tip your cap to Oakley for doing his job well into his 50s. Because he’s the hero NYC needs, but not the one it deserves right now. So we’ll arrest him on live tv during a Knicks game, because he can take it. He’s a watchful protector, a silent guardian. He’s OakTree.